Friday, December 11, 2009

Host Parties on Stardoll!

This is just a BETA version, but for me it's one of the coolest ideas stardoll ever had:

HOST PARTIES AND PARTY CHATS!At the moment, you can't really host a chat, but in a few days, it's possible for all superstars! I just hope that non-ss can do this feature too, they got too many disadvantages on stardoll, if you ask me :(

So.. I created a Twilight party room :) (this should not me a remember to New Moon and Bella's birthday!)

Before I forget: Here's the link:

Please tell if you like the new feature!

xx Bella


Anonymous said...

wooow it's sooooo cool:-D thanks:-D

Anonymous said...


Awesome, btw, lovee yourr websitee!

Avril14140 said...


Anonymous said...

plz tell me how can i close my account.

thnx(awesome page:)