Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Streetstyle on Stardoll

To be honest, I love the work of Scott Schuman alias The Sartorialist. He has such a good eye for style, he always shoots the best people on the street.

So I decided to style two looks he found on stardoll:


It's actually a very simple look, a biker jacket, a grey t-shirt, some jeans and classic, black shoes.

But the way she wears it is so sweet and stylish, that's the typical London Style (where this picture was taken)

Jacket: Heidi Klum by Jordache (10 sd)
T-Shirt: Stardoll (4 sd)
Jeans: DKNY (12 sd)
High Heels: Archive (4 sd)
Earrings: Splendid (6 sd)


This Outfit is more exciting than the first one, but still downdressed, because she wears e.g. a simple white t-shirt with an exciting leo coat.
This picture was taken before the Chloé Defilée during the Paris Fashion Week, and the French Women are known as very stylish. Proof!

Jacket: RIO (15 sd)
T-Shirt: Basics (4 sd)
Jeans: Mudd by Kohls (7 sd)
High Heels: Miss Sixty (17 sd)
Sunglasses: Splendid (4 sd)

I hope you liked the looks!

Plz comment!!!

Enjoy ♥

xxx Nathalie

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gizem said...

why d0nt u c0ntinue t0 p0st this kind 0f p0sts =) that i like it.