Friday, October 16, 2009

Miss Sixty Make-Up

Yeah that some of you will buy the new Miss Sixty Fall Collection (although they're expensive), so I thought I'll show you the right make-up to get real into that 'Catwalk-Feeling'. I got a light, a medium and a dark look.

Grade 1 (light) is the basic: a grunge make-up with smokey eyes:

You need black eyeliner, black kajal and lots of mascara (you can probably add some light fake lashes)

The clou: You also use lots of bronzing powder on the cheeks and you light up the lips, so that the focus is on the eyes. Hot!

Grade 2 (medium):
You add black eyeshadow to the look:
Grade 3 (dark): You add some dark fake lashes (i used 2 pair in the picture)

Model: agniieszka91
Earrings: Splendid

What do you think? Do you like the make-up?

Love Nathalie