Friday, October 16, 2009

Miss Sixty Fall-Must Haves!

Hello!I'm really really sorry I havent written for a long time but I had so much homework..Anyway I have good news!

200 posts!!!!!!!!!!!!Yeah!!!

Thanks for the writers of this blog for their awesome job!The blog is very active!

So to the point!I wanted to post the Must-Haves of the Miss Sixty Fall Collection!

I love the whole collection!They are very nice!

Here are the must haves:

I bought this jumpsuit an d the bag :p!Arent they cute??

Tell us!



Avril14140 said...

Yeah...soooo cute!!!
I love the boots and hats...:)

And ur welcome!!
I love this blog and I will try to be more active!!
(Great banner!)

MiiLeY__CyRuS said...

yeah..i bought the stiletto oxfors fro 10 sd..they're so cute!
i really love this blog and I'm glad to be a writer.

The only problem: i think we got not so many comments, i'd like to have more ppl commenting!

what do you think?

xxx Nathalie