Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So..finally you hear something about FionaMcGonigle
She wasn't on stardoll for ages, even though she has lots of rares (Mary-Kate clothes, Scuba dress ...) AND a blog (which isn't really running anymore)

So her guestbook got posted with hundreds of messages like 'Oh Fiona, where are you', know.

So now she made a statement about a week ago:

"In case you haven't noticed...
I don't really come on Stardoll anymore.
I don't enjoy it anymore.
I'm not leaving forever,
I will probably be back someday.

Check out my StarBazaar:
I'm selling off most of my clothes really cheap.

Bye for now.

So now, we know at least where she stands.

If you ask me, many people are leaving stardoll at the moment (or are just not logging in for ages)
That really makes me sad. :(

What do you think?
Are you still interested in stardoll?
Or do you think about leaving, too?


xxx Nathalie


Avril14140 said...

That is too bad...I looove Stardoll and I dont think about leaving!!

Avril14140 said...
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mariaisabelfan said...

It is really sad I got to admit ...But everything comes to an end..