Saturday, July 19, 2014


Hi there :)   
I'm making a new contest :)
The winner will get 10 gifts from me :))
So All you have to do is to write down your username in the comments and then I will make a lottery where the luckiest will win :)
I will put all the usernames in a box and then rendomly take names out :"D

Fist place: 10 gifts
Second place: 5 gifts
Third place: 2 gifts


Our current participants:
1. I_am_Lady_Moon
2. simoneparty4 
3. cool_angel4 
 4. kuldjevojka
  5. missfashionsmod
6. Element5
7. noranda
8. Lenoige
9. Nihalmagic
10. Bella14520
11. MarmEladkaGiR
12. malina0208
13. ReneeGoldenStar
14. Bloody_Unicorn
15. evaki135
16. ghanna21

Love you all


alsummer said...

my username in blogspot: alsummer

stardoll name: I_am_Lady_Moon

lyvaniiaa (simoneparty4 sd) ♥ said...

my blogpsot-username : lyvaniiaa
my stardoll name: simoneparty4 :D

MissWildAngel5 . said...

cool_angel4 - stardoll username

Bella Gomez said...

kuldjevojka- StarDoll username. ♥

sara said...

my stardoll username is missfashionsmod

Element5 said...

Username : Element5

noranda said...

Username: noranda

Anastasia said...

stardoll name: Lenoige

Ahlamita Oursétte said...

Username : Nihalmagic

Isabel Jade/Bella14520 said...

Username: Bella14520 So sorry I haven't posted in a very long time as I have been super super busy

MarmEladkaGiRls said...


Nonna Lightwood said...

Stardoll username is malina0208

Hannah J. Kirkby said...

Stardoll name: ReneeGoldenStar
Thanks love ;)

Patrishen said...

That's ok :) Hope to see your post here again soon :D

Maria said...

Stardoll name: Bloody_Unicorn!! ^^
All we need is luck!! lol

Εύα Μενγκόνι said...

evaki135 on Stardoll :D

lyvaniiaa (simoneparty4 sd) ♥ said...

ehmm when does the contest end ^^?

Patrishen said...

I will announce the winners tomorrow :)

anne said...

stardoll name: ghanna21
This contest sounds like so much fun! thank you! :) <3

Olivie Kalejova said...

user name on stardoll : Rebecca29cool