Thursday, July 24, 2014


Hi guys :)
Here is another post about freebies :D
Unfortunately is not having that much free stuff as it used to have, but anyways I will tell you about the latest ones :)

Free Superstar ONLY Ramadan Hijab Hairstyle


 1) Log in and Go to Top Stylist page:
2) Scroll down a little and you should see a key on right side of the page, Click the key
You will be redirected to Ramadan campaign page
3) Click on stardoll logo or treasure chest to go back to stardoll
Hijab hairstyle should be in your Beauty Parlor in Bought hair section

*Note: This item is available only for Superstars

Free Retro Microphone


 1) Log in and Go to campaign page
2) Scroll down a little and you should see two questions
3) Click on answer 9. and Click Submit, then Click on Heidi Klum and Click Submit


A text will appear that you got the microphone 
4) Click on stardoll logo to go back to stardoll
Microphone should be in a Starplaza box in your suite 
Free France Lego Friends Salamander


 If you live in France - Log in, Join the club HERE and click promotion with salamander
If you do not live in France - Follow these steps:
1) Go to any French web proxy like - OR
2) On the proxy's bar paste stardoll link
3) Click on Go/Press Enter and you should be directed to stardoll
To get glitter heart sticker -
4) Log in stardoll and now on proxy's URL paste this club link - 
To get salamander -
5) On same club page,,  Scroll down the presentation till you see this

6) Click on the text (or copy&paste THIS LINK), you should be redirected to Lego Friends site
7) Leave the proxy, close it and Go to as usual,
Items should be in a Lego Friends campaign bag in your suite 

That's all for now...

Love you all

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