Sunday, May 18, 2014


Hi everyone :) It's me patush11 
I'm finally back! 
I've missed you all so much! I've just logged into again after a few months and noticed a lot of changes... Stardoll has changed so much since the last time I palyed there.

1. Fist of all... it's the design...

I must admit that I liked the old one more...

2. There is a new competition called "THE VOTE" it seems to be a very nice comp :) And we are rewarded with prizes for voting ^^

3. Stardoll have added a new friend feed banner where you can see the latest activities of your friends

4. The Stardoll stuff added a lot of new awsome clothes, jewls, decor items and much more.... 

Well... that's all for now :)

Love you all..


MG286 said...

Yay,you're back! :) Maybe I can be more active too :)

Patrishen said...

That would be great :)