Thursday, March 27, 2014

Suite Tutorial: Black & White Suite!

Hey Guys!
It's me again,MG286 :) I have a lot to do for school,I just wrote 3 exams this week and next week the same :/
But after this,I will have more time for you! :)

And today, I  brought you a new Tutorial: A Black &White Suite Tutorial! It's the first time that I do something like this and I would love to hear your opinion :) And please tell me if I should continue with those Tutorials :)

But before you see the Video: You see that we didn't hit the 800th reader yet... But  my membership runs out in 4 Days,so I will have time problems with a new competition :) So I will make a little raffle :) Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and write a comment under this post or message me on Stardoll with "I did." And I will randomly pick one of you to get one thing of your wishlist or Hot Buys Leaves Bag :) You have time until Saturday :)

But now the Video:

Hurry to compete in this competition!

Love you Guys,
Leon/MG286 :)

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