Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween makeovers part one

Halloween makeovers 


Suite edition  


hello lollikit here!

today where going to be doing Halloween makeovers first up is your suite so lets get started!!!


go into suite shop and search starcoins, orange and DIY, like in the picture 

close down search and buy this one  19 times

use 18 of them to build a wall  

it should  look like this 

find this rug in interior design... 

make it in black... 

buy it... 

make it as big as possible and your finished you basic room!

decorate and your done!


Mini DIY

buy the bubble natural hat thing'y

buy this egg thing'y

and remember this thing'y the 19th one

(I love saying thing'y)

turn the bubble like this 

re size the egg and place like this 

  place the last orange piece add a cup and your done!


I hope you liked!!!

part 2 coming soon 


Beth Elencia said...

Awesome! I'll be using this hehe

lollikit Lolderpy said...

thank's and good luck !!!