Thursday, October 10, 2013

Free Outfit, 100ss, Barbie Wig, Sims Dress and Diary

To get the Just Dance Outfit and 100sc

If you are from the UK, follow the steps without a proxy, if not you have to use a manual proxy.

Use one of these: 

IP: Port: 3128
IP: Port: 3128
IP:     Port: 8080
IP:       Port: 8080
IP:   Port: 8080

Next go to and log into your account.

To get the Just Dance Top go to the club and join:

To get the skirt, you must go to this link, design and then buy something:

To get the shoes/tights, click the voting banner below stardesign and vote for at least one outfit.

After you have done that, there should be a pink academy task. If you complete it, your reward is 100sc.

To get the free Barbie wig, you have to use a manual proxy, so keep on using the same settings as you were to get the other items.

Paste this link into the address bar:

Once you have scroll down and click the Barbie doll that says 'PLAY NOW'. You will be redirected t a dress up doll. Dress up the doll and click save. The wig will be in your suite.

Once you have done all of that, log out and return your proxy settings back to normal.

To get the Sims Dress you have to be from France. If you are follow the steps without a proxy.

Paste: into the address bar on the proxy.

Log into your account and once the page has loaded, paste this:

Log out and close the proxy.

The gifts should be in your suite!

Credit to Stardoll Free Items Everyday

Sorry, I know this isn't all the photos of the free items, but this is all that I have.


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