Saturday, September 21, 2013

Free 5SD and 5SP

Lately Stardoll has been super kind and when we log in, we receive 5 stardollars and 5 starpoints.

All you have to do is log in!



Patrizia Shvarts said...

That's great!! But it seems to work only in Australia... When I loged in I didn't get anything :/

Hannah J. Kirkby said...

When I logged in I was surprised to see it too! Also, I chose my daily gift the other day (the top most gift) and I got 3SD!!!!!! ;) I got it on both my accounts and my sister got it too. We all chose the gift at the top.

Isabel Jade/Bella14520 said...

That happens to me some days, at first I thought it was a glitch but it has been doing that to me for ages. I wish they put the clothing or jewellery gifts back on it and I wish that after 5 days of logging in, we get a special gift.