Thursday, August 15, 2013

Weekly makover No.1

Hello everyone :)
First of all I want to say that our new writer Bella14520 does an amazing job here posting about various stardoll news and stuff ^^ Thank you Bella14520!!

From this day I will be making every week a weekly makover!
In this makeover I will try to make my doll look like a celeb that you will choose :)
You can use this makovers if you like them and make your own doll look like a real celeb ;) And if you have any quastions about the makeover feel free to ask me, I would be glad to help you guys ^^
This week I decided to make my doll look like Miley Cyrus

I've tried to make her look like as much as possible... Hope you like it :)

And here is the make-up that I've used for this look:

And here are the pieces of jewelry I've used:

If you can't find exactly the same items that I've used, you can use thigs which look the same :D
Hope you like it :))
I will make a poll soon and you will choose the next celeb.

Love you all


Anonymous said...

It looks really great! And it's a brilliant idea! But I think the blush is a little bit too much :) But the rest is great :)

xXIsabelXx said...

I love it, I think it's awesome! And thanks so much, Im glad you think I'm doing a great job!