Thursday, August 22, 2013

Medoll of the week is back!!

Hello my dears ;)
The medoll of the week competition is fanally back! 
And you can be the next winner :D
If you want to become a winner you have to be the top commenter in the blog and the most active reader
And I will choose every week the most active one and put a picture of her medoll on the right site of the blog with a direct link to your stardoll page, what can add you a lot of visitors :)

So... It can be you ;))

Good luck to you girls :*

Love you all


patush11 said...

This is great! You might just have to remove the banner on the side of the last one first.

patush11 said...

Yep... sure :) But just mind that writers can also become the medoll of the week ^^

patush11 said...

How about we count writers out of it because there will probably end up being heaps of replies to other readers once we get them all back. :)

patush11 said...

Ok You are totally right! I we will count the wrters out than :)