Friday, August 24, 2012

New Dot and DOREE collection :)

Hey, hey, hey.. :)
Since Stardoll made a 50% off sales in the Dot and the DOREE stores, it was expected that the stardoll team would make a new collection of cosmetics in those shops :)

The new collection is awsome but some of the colors look familiar to the old ones...
I would be glad to hear your opinion :))

Love you all


OrangeAnnax said...

I love those colors (:

morgan-doll said...

Have bought bit of makeup :)

Kamuz said...

they are short of new shades now :D lol! its better they release some kind of new products..or they must release new stuff in the those two NAIL ART AND TATTOO SHOPS :p

IreneKatsadima1 said...

i dont like it