Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Become a Writer for 1 WEEK Contest

How is Everyone?!
Well Lets Make the Blog Even More Interesting..
Thanks to JoYaLoveRock  For Giving me This Idea.
- How About you Give Me Your Ideas?! CLICK HERE-
 So Anyway Back to The Idea.. She Said How About Making a Contest
and the Winner Gets to be a Writer for a Week?


So your Wondering How to Join?!
ill Chose a Random Girl Each Thursday
She will Start Writing on Friday Till Next  Thursday,
Then ill Chose Another Girl on Thursday &....&......
- If You Didnt Get It Just Send me a Message and I'll Try to Explain More -
(This Contest Will Start Next Week on Thursday 8/16)



OrangeAnnax said...

wow :o Thats awesome idea!

Gossiper said...

Thanks Mandy :) I was realy thinking about something that might help people be more active and bring their friends to read their posts and that will make the blog more active :) And this way if some of the writers cant write that week you will have somebody to replace him :) xoxo

morgan-doll said...

Wow :)

Sandra said...

To be honest that's good because the blog will get more active. You should also think other ideas to promote the blog!


patush11 said...

Great ! I Joined !