Monday, August 13, 2012

Bad News & Good News

How are you ?
Did you Start School Yet ?!
If No Please Let me know When  you will Start i Would love to Know
So I Have Good News & Bad News,

The Bad News,
Starting From Thursday 8/16 i Will not Be Able to Write
Because im Going on a Holiday to Germany & Switzerland and
the Weekly Contests will Stop Until i Come Back Like
Medoll of the Week, SDNT Club Contest & the Writer of the Week
Im So Sorry.

The Good News,
I'll Be Giving Patush11 to Be the Owner While Im Gone
So if you Need Anything you Can Ask her Anything She will be
Happy to Answer your Questions, Also She Said she Might be
Making Some Superstar Contests !!
Also.. My Birthday is This Wednesday 08/15 !! YAY Im Turning 16 !!
I Had an Idea that we Celebrate Writers Birthday c;



OrangeAnnax said...

School for me going to start from september :3 Happy early birthday!

patush11 said...

Mandy... this is a great idea! We can make a writers brthday but we have to think about some ideas for that thing :)

morgan-doll said...

Happy Birthday in advance :)

Gossiper said...

Happy birthday Mandy :) and we will miss you a lot!!