Friday, July 20, 2012

Ramadan Calendar

Let Me Just Say
"Ramadan Kareem"
To All Muslim Girls
Wanna Know What is Ramadan?!

So As Always Stardoll Celebrates Ramadan With All Stardoll Members
With The Ramadan Calendar
 So Everyday There Will Be an Exclusive Gift,Some Free Some Not

When You Purchase All The Prizes of The Calendar You Will Get
That Exclusive Trophy!
For Ramadan Calendar



OrangeAnnax said...

I hope there will be alot free gifts (: Btw there is a new medoll of the week ;o Congratz to her ♥

Kamuz said...

Ramzaan Mubaraq to you Maryam and to all the gals!! :) God Bless you all! :)

vampireprodigy1 said...


niamhe12 said...

seems awesome!!

morgan-doll said...

Ramadan mubarik to you all! calender is awesome !

alexiawhiton said...

please visit my suite, i got the ramadan trophy by mistake cuz the calendar is not over yet. Alexiawhiton tell me what do u think