Sunday, July 8, 2012

Non-Superstar look

Hello sweet readers! A few days ago I posted Non-Superstar looks and Kamuz told me that she wanted to post a Non-Superstar look. So here it is!

She is wearing:

1) Voile Lully top - 89 starcoins

2) Voile pale seaweed skirt - 72 starcoins

3) Voile Baroco bracelet - 36 starcoins

4) Voile Baroco belt - 34 starcoins

She selected these RIO Heeled flip flops - 40 starcoins

The whole look costs 271 starcoins

This look was made by Kamuz . Visit her.



cn989 said...

Creative! And pretty! :)

OrangeAnnax said...

i like it :) I think there should be posted more non ss outfits :)

circca10 said...

Ok. Sometimes I will post more non-ss look :) If you want to post one make what Kamuz did and I post ir ;)

vampireprodigy1 said...

love it

--rihanna---- said...

Lovely, nice skirt :D

Anonymous said...

I love it...Just the shoes the rest looks great :*

niamhe12 said...

awesome!! love it

morgan-doll said...

Wow !

morgan-doll said...

Wow !

morgan-doll said...

Wow !

Mahe said...

Wow !