Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Contest Round 2 Results

Sorry i Haven't Been Posting Lately its Just im So Busy
and Enjoying my Summer,
Soo The 2 Girls Who Will Get to The Last Round Are:
1/ --Rihanna----
2/ Darkshadow205
Congratulations & Im Sorry for The Others

For the Last Round You Must Copy These 2 Looks Not Just 1
Lets See Who Wants This So Bad
Please Only The 2 Girls Add Their Entry & Good Luck



patush11 said...

I remember the first look(the orange one)! I've already seen it as atuturial in a magazing in Israel :D lol

LadyBumm said...

Well... I am a bit sad for not passing to the final round, but, I am happy for the other two girls :) Congratulations ;)

--rihanna---- said...

I'm so so happy :D

Kamuz said...

these 2 looks are so awesome..esp the second one! congartulations and all the best to the finalists :)

DianaRist said...
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--rihanna---- said...

from --rihanna----

--rihanna---- said...

Pretty hard task, I mean the pictures are quite difficult to imitate :D

vampireprodigy1 said...

nice pics

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the third place...And good Luck to you girls ! :)

Mandy said...

Waiting For DarkShadows :)

Nada/darkshadow205 said...

first look:

Second look:

Sorry for posting it late I was on vacation and I just came back :)