Monday, June 11, 2012

Help Us

Well Since i Have Nothing To Write About I Thought Maybe
i Could Use Some Help From Our Viewers To Improve The Blog.
So If You Have Any Ideas That Will Improve The Blog,
~Please Write it Down At The Comments~
For Example Contests,New Writers,New Look,Others..



circca10 said...

I think that you could make a contest like making makeovers and that stuff :)

niamhe12 said...

yeah some contests would be awesome another blog does hotbuy outfits and you vote on best one like your followers send a pic of them using that hotbuy item and then you post the entry and we all vote for which one is best!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You could make contests
or visit a few people who put their names down and check their fshion sense

Anonymous said...

or judge there style? jnuinfjur8eht-98ah6nb;p y6.6c