Sunday, June 3, 2012

A glitch :)

Hello girls :) 
Today noticed that there is a glitch in the stardoll shop...
You can buy this sweet pants for only 7 starcoins!
So hurry up and buy it before the stardoll stuff would fix it... They would probably make it for 7 stardollars!

(What do you think about the look that I have created with the pants?) 
Love you all


cn989 said...

I love the dress :D Where did you get it?

patush11 said...

You can find the skirt in the voil shop...the shirt in the pretty in love shop(as I remember) and the bels you can find in the voil shp too :)

Anonymous said...

Im not fond of the trousers....

Niamhe12 said...

OMG I made this outfit before!!!! haha they trousers are ok but i am buying them they are only 7 starcoinS!!!!!