Saturday, June 23, 2012

Free Items

-If you are from Russia, Log in and Enter a contest HERE
-If you aren't from Russia, Follow these steps:
1)Go to Russian proxy like OR OR OR
2)In URL blank box of proxy site Paste contest link:
3)Click Go or Press on keyboard
4)Log in stardoll
5)Choose random answers for all 6 questions
6)Click Enter competition button, Wait till page loads again,
7)Leave the proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
Dress should be in a Starplaza bag and giftbox in your suite [:


-If you live in Sweden, Log in and Enter competition HERE
-If you don't live in there, Follow these steps -
1)Go to Swedish web proxy like OR OR OR
2)In the blank box of proxy site Paste contest link:
3)Click GO/Surf or Press Enter on keyboard
4)Log in stardoll
5)Write anything in Subject and Text fields and Click Enter Competition button
6)Wait till loads with text 'Your contest entry has been submitted'
7)Leave the proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
Decorations should be in Starplaza bags in your suite [:

I am quite disappointed that they didn't make anything new (same we had last year)
Available till 30.06

-If you are from Portugal - Log in and Enter contest HERE
-If you aren't from Portugal - Follow these steps:
1)Go to a Portuguese proxy like [updated] OR
2)Paste the contest link into the blank box of the proxysite
3)Click Navegar/Go or simply Hit enter on keyboard
4)Log in stardoll
5)Do the quiz by ticking random answers
6)Click Enter Competition button
7)Wait till page reloads with text - Your contest entry has been submitted (may take a while)
8) Leave the proxy and Go to stardoll as usual.
Shorts should be in a Starplaza bag in your suite [:

Available till 29.06
Free Katy Perry Part of Me Sofa
-If you live in the UK - Log in and Visit a FB page by clicking HERE.
-If you don't live in the UK - Follow these steps:
1)Go to a UK proxy like OR OR OR
2)Paste stardoll link into the blank box of the proxysite
3)Click Go or Press Enter on your keyboard
4)Log in Stardoll
5)Now Paste this link into the proxy's "URL:" box
6)Click Go or Press Enter on your keyboard
You should be redirected to the Paramount Pictures FB page
7)Leave it and Go to Stardoll as usual.
Sofa should be in a Katy Perry bag in your suite [:



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1st comment yeah thanks for posting

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awesome thanks (:

horsecrazy987 said...

thanks love katy perry sofa soooo cool!!

Anonymous said...

why steal all of them from underneath stardoll??? get a life and post your own stuff. They take time and effort finding out and posting things and all you do is copy and paste..

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Thank you :)

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Great!Thanks a bunch :)

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I love those shorts