Thursday, June 28, 2012

50% off S-A-L-E!

Hi again sweeties :)
I have some really good news for you today...
Now you can buy some clothes from the Evil panda, Fallen angel and RIO shops in a half price!
Isn't it cool :D?

Are you planning to buy anything?
I'm always happy to read your comments, so don't be shy and leave one ;))

Love you all


Kamuz said...

but its just on a few dresses :( i hurriedly opened the shops wishing to buy some dresses that i wanted to..but they are still available at their original price :|

patush11 said...

:/ Yep... they did the sale only on the ugliest clothes!!!

Kamuz said...

yup :| stupid clothes of no use :P

Kamuz said...
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--rihanna---- said...

Only these thigs I'd never buy are 50 % off :S

Gossiper said...

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vampireprodigy1 said...

clothes arent very nice

horsescrazy987 said...


niamhe12 said...

the sale is pretty rubbish tbh ;/