Thursday, May 3, 2012

Makeover circca10..!

I missed you all so much, but I was ( and still am ) very busy with my  real life so I had to take a break..!
Our sweet writer of the blog circca10 asked me to makeover her.
To be honost it was my honor to be asked by people .. and I really thank you for your support!
I've made the makeover some weeks ago:
Let's take a look:


LOVE LOVE LOVE! Amazing! So cute..! I like the pink that is used ..!
Well done!

I've done 5 makeovers for all types of people.. I know they are not as good as circca10's before-style, but I've tried! :)


What do you think? 
Which is your favourite one?
Please no rude comments!

Bye for now!


IreneKatsadima1 said...

Can you makeover me too??

IreneKatsadima1 said...

Can you makeover me too??

Kohav Bibi said...

They are really good! I love the last one!

circca10 said...

Thank you for the makeover honey. They are all so beautiful :) but I have a favourite, the 3rd one. Thank you honey and continue de good job ;)

Sandra said...

Thank you all very much..! And I will makeover you..! :))

Moon-vip said...

nice :]

Sandra said...

Thanks..!! :D