Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tress Up!

Hello sweeties! Today, the new Tress Up came out! That's sooo awesome! A hair shop!!!

That is sooo awesome! I love it! What do you think? Plz comment ;)



PrincessFayth6 said...

First comment yayyy!!! I absolutely love it!!!! I wanted to see what it was and I bought three of the hairstyles. I love the styles and the fact that you can dye them!!! At first I thought it would be a wig but when I saw my Medoll's hairstyle change I just had to have it!!!! I think this is the Stardoll staff's best idea ever!!! :-)

Moon-vip said...

i love them :)
i just wish if they were without highlights ( only 1 color ) and we get to highlight the hair our self