Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hello again my sweet, sweet readers. 
Well... Today CoolIngrida made me an interview on Stardoll about the blog. Here are the questions that she made to me:

1. How does it feel to be a writer in the blog?
2. Do you like writing for the blog?
3. Is it fun writing for the blog?
4. Do you like reading other blogs besides your own?
5. This question is about stardoll, Would you play on stardoll much?
6. Since you started writing in the blog would you say you didn't have as much time to play on stardoll as you use-to?
7. Last question, What inspired you to write in the blog?

And here are my answers:

1. It is a joy being a writer in the blog. I feel wonderful when I write on it.
2. I don't like! I LOVE writing for the blog!
3. Of course! It is so fun writing for that blog! I can't express the feelings when I write on it.
4. I usual don't do that but if Mandy recommends a blog yhea.
5. Yhea! I come here every single day!
6. Of course not! I have the same time to play on stardoll.
7. Well... The amazing writers, and especially the followers! They inspire me to do so much more!

I thought that was a brilliant idea to make this intervew. I don't know if she made the interview to the other writer but I would like to know what are the answers of the writers for this questions.



Lozzyy. & lottieedottiee said...

you can find it at sweet stardoll secrets btw guys :D

circca10 said...

Thank you for the tip honey ;)

CoolIngrida said...

Hehe :3 I did write to the other writers but they didn't reply yet! :D And thanks! ;)