Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April fool's day!

Hey girls!
Happy April Fool's Day!
How do you plan on celebrating it?
Have you played any pranks on anyone yet?

Tell me in comments, Because I haven't got many this year!

Aisling x


Mandy said...

Well,At My Country We Have School On Sunday,So i Made an April Fool To My School Friends,I Was Yelling "THEY FIRED FATIMA FOR 3 DAYS!" (Fatima is My Friend..)Ever One Was So Shocked and Their Faces Were Like :O! and i Was Like APRIL FOOLS! xD

Sandra said...

@Mandy Hahaha that was funny!
Well, in Greece we don't have school neither on Saturday nor on Sunday. So I decided to call my 2 closest friends .. To the first I said that tomorrow we're sitting a maths test and she was shocked!
To the second I said that we wouldn't be able to go at a theatrical performance we were planning because I would have to do something else and she believed it. When I said I was joking she started laughing.. that was really fun! :D


circca10 said...
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circca10 said...

I already made an April fool to my brother. I made his bed by the spanish way ;) and he was like. OMG :o I can't get in my bed. I played a prank to a friend of mine that came sleep in my house. I've puted tooth paste in to her shoes and she was like: How disgusting! What did you put in my shoes?! And then we laugh a lot xD

Anonymous said...
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