Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hello sweeties! Finally I have find out who is this Anonymous!

She is passing the limits! Mandy, you have to do something about this! I am sooooooo hangry!!! Look at what she just said to me!

 I don't copy USD! I just write about the news in Stardoll! Just because USD published a post about the hotbuys dress and said that she doesn't could find the real version that doesn't mean that I am a copier! Put that in you mind! And... Oh! You cant report me for that reason :P And she is saying that SDNT is «the rubish site». Grrrr!!!

BIG XOXO (for the readers!),


Ozzieworld said...

Same thing that happened to me, But yeah I think your right about the anonymous being the copied accounts. And I think that all the accounts are all the same stupid person.

moon-vip said...

she is not copying anyone ok?
if you look at the other blogs most of them write about the same topics !!
such as NEW HOT BUYS or Spoilers , etc ..
and that my friend is not a crime !!

you say your dad works for the private police rite ?
that means he knows everything you do online and i also happen to have relatives that work on the same department and even higher positions.

and if your dad really works for the privet police then i believe you know is this going to end for you rite ;)?

Aderfoula....2 said...

you are saying so stupid things!xD
You should be like 8 years old..xD
God really you think that you are are writting with the name anonymous and you think that you will make everyone afraid of you by saying those kind of kiddy things...oh god!:D

Aderfoula....2 said...
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Mandy said...

Girls Just Ignore Her,When Ever she writes anything ill Delete it..

circca10 said...

Thank you Mandy

Aderfoula....2 said...

thanks for that Mandy :)

moon-vip said...

hahaha so funny you know why??
you make your parents image look bad !!
looks like they didn't raise you well, sucks for you :)

1- your a liar.
2- you think your important and everyone cares about you while the truth is that WE HATE YOU.
3- you hide behind what you do and don't show us your true self. ( COWARD ) !!
4- i really think you should go see a doctor :)

Sandra said...

She may not be telling a lie about her father, but to be honest I think you behave like a child.
Why doing this? You find it funny?
Well it isn't. You should tell us thank you for posting things. It isn't that easy.
But people who are like her/him are going to grow up and become stupid and jealous people. So I don't really care :)
I don't care about this kind of people.
Thank you.