Thursday, March 8, 2012

Show your talent! (non ss)

All this time, I was thinking of doing something unique. Something that no other blog has ever done
So I decided to write 2 or 3 times a week ( I am not sure yet) about stardoll members that have never been a superstar and show you their rooms.
I will choose members ,whose suites inspire me. 
So, for today I'm going to show you some really inspiring rooms.
The first is CandyWissal13. My favourite room was this:

I find it really good! It is simple , but also beautiful. It looks like a real house! Bravo!
The next one is funky_girl_123_. My favourite room is this:

I like it. I think it is a little bit simple .However it is nice!
The last one for today is nerminTrue. Wow , this was one of the best rooms! 

 She uses in a good way space. The room seems to be really big , but it is an illusion. I love the wall , but my favourite part of the room is the window! Amazing idea!!
What do you think? I hope you like my idea and my post!
No rude comments!
That's all for now!


sweetkoniBaby5 said...

those suits are amazing..5/5

Sandra said...

Yes they are!! :D

Anonymous said...