Friday, March 23, 2012

Ok, So...

Hi girls,
Apparently according to some anonymous I copied a post from underneath stardoll,

Well I can guarantee that I didn't copy from underneath stardoll!
I print screen and crop all of my images!
But if your so sure that I copied it why don't we have a look:

Underneath stardoll's one:

And mine:

I know this is a tiny difference but there is a difference at the corners!
If you're trying to say that I didn't print screen it and that I simply copied and pasted it from Underneath stardoll, Then I can tell you that you are wrong! 
That was the only proof I could find; That and the fact that I'm telling the truth.
Lie, Do what you want, But at the end of the day I know that I am telling the truth.

Aisling x


Joanna said...

Personally I am getting TIRED of this. You are not the first to be accused of copying/stealing from USD. I personally think this is someone from USD that is going under anonymous and getting angry. It is getting old, and I know you didn't copy. You're a great writer. :)

circca10 said...

Honey, we trust you. We know you didn't copy. Don't pay any attention what he/she says :)

Anonymous said...

you obviously copied u are THE CRAP versionm of underneath stardoll LOSERS

Anonymous said...

cheap version of underneath stardoll with non english speaking writers HOW SAD!!!!!!!!!!

circca10 said...

We don't care about you anonymous, F*** you

Anonymous said...

how classy this place is just full of losers