Monday, March 5, 2012

Makeover susiegal10!

In my previous makeover post ,susiegal10 commented :

...... and that's what I did! :))

So here is the makeover:


 What do you think? Do you like it?
Please don't post rude comments.... Be kind!
And don't comment as anonymous without writing your stardoll username! Please! It isn't right! ( I'm going to post about it another time..)

Bye for now!

P.S. I hope you like it susiegal10:))


Anonymous said...

its rubbish

Anonymous said...

it really prety xx could you maybe do me a makeover


Sandra said...

1st anon@ Everyone has a different opinion!
2nd niahme12@ Of course and thank you ♥

Anonymous said...

heyy i go on this blog at least once a week mostly once a daay so can you do me a makeover thx sosososo much my names cutie12250 and i like to be emo-scene-goth thx

sweetkoniBaby5 said...

sorry but i don't think that is nC..i have different style only for this reason if i have a different style realy it is going to like me...<3

Sandra said...

cutie12250@ Yes! Why not? :*
sweetkonibaby5@ no problem :)

Anonymous said...

ewww its freakin ugly she looked better before