Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Makeover niamhe12!

Heyy nice members!
In my last makeover post ,some people commented that they wanted a makeover. 
Fisrt of all was niamhe12. This is her comment:

I saw that some of you didn't like the one makeover , so I decided to make 6!!
The first three are called : Pinky and sweet and the other 3 are called Darkness.
Let's take a look at niamhe12's look:

I like it! I find the facial characteristics very nice and the makeup is cool ,too. The pink headband matches good with the pink makeup . The hair are good too. I'm not very sure about the glasses! Your Medoll looks a little like a geek ( I'm sorry I don't want to make you sad ! : ) I just say my opinion. I like the whole appearance , only the glasses have a little problem!)

Okay. So here are my makeovers:

Pinky and Sweet


Thats's all! Hope you like them! Please , if you can tell me your favourite one...! And no rude comments!
Bye for now!


Domciaaa ;d said...

wow. extra :) i like it

sweetkoniBaby5 said...

wow. extra :) i like it very much...!!!<3

Anonymous said...

ummm they are all soo nice but my fav would have to be the 3rd one xx


Sandra said...

Heyy thank you!
xoxo <3