Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hello guys
I'm so mad
One girl made a friend request
and guess what was her name

And also stardoll informed me that someone tried to hack my account!!:O
oh god I'm so freacking omg!!

Help me guys and try to block her!
Her name is Aderfoula...2! (don't block mine acccount)
She made a new account and she tried to be same with me!!-.-


Help me plz!!


sweetkoniBaby5 said...

of course sweety i will go to block her...

patush11 said...

Wow sweety... don't worry I believe that everything's gonna be fine!!

Anonymous said...

First of all, the girl doesnt look like you at all. The second of all, she has only names similar as yours. You are just freaking out without any reasons. You are not so popular as you think.

Aderfoula....2 said...

Look girl shut you mouth ok?
Do you think first what are u saying!
You don't dare to say that in public!
ok hun?

Aderfoula....2 said...

Are u this girl which is doing all this freaching immature things?

Sandra said...

I think taht she is!
Ignore it! :/

Daryp said...

she is so pathetic