Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hello =]

Hello guys!
Today it's friday!!!!I'm so happy for that
Did you know that many songs are written for this day?;O
Like:Last Friday Night (Katy perry)Friday I'll be over u..and!?
Tell me other songs u know!I will share them with u guys

Also tell me some of your plants for Saturday and Sunday?
I will go to my friends party tommorow and u?

I will upload March Picture
Tell me your opinion for that:
Nice one:D

Cya :*

Danae xoxo


sweetkoniBaby5 said...

i wish you have a good planes are tomorow to come my best friend(anastasia)and in sunday i am going to read.and mmm to READ =( =P because i am going to wight a test...!!!

Anonymous said...

rebecca black-friday hahaha

Aderfoula....2 said...


Sandra said...

I now only the "Last Friday Night" by Katy Perry! Sorry!:)
I love the viseo clip and the song!
Since we are talking about the song :