Monday, March 12, 2012


Today is...
 Stardoll News & Tips Birthday!
 I Just Want To Say it Was a Wonderful 3 Years at The Blog
and i Have To Thanks The Real Owner of The Blog Which She Made
me a Writer & the Owner -Mariaisabelfan-

( Its So hard To Chose =S )
Write Down Your Comments About The Blog And Tomorrow
ill Pick 3 Best Comments They Will Win
2 Weeks Superstar + 80 stardollars
and 3 More will get 5 gifts of their choice
-Have Fun At SDNT-



Sandra said...

That's really awesome!
Happy Birthday Stardoll News& Tips!
I just want to say , that although Stardoll News & Tips hasn't got as many members as some other stardoll blogs may have , we are like a family here and this is the most important!
Keep the good work Mandy! (:
Thank you for everything!


element5 said...

wooww that is amazingg ....HBD Stardoll News&Tips ♥

neverfly27 said...


Congrats on three years!

I always look forward to checking this site, 2,3 times a day. It keeps me updated on things happening on Stardoll that I wouldn't normally know, or to refresh or help me understand something!

Thanks for a amazing Blog! Keep up the good work!

May 3 years turn into more!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday stardoll news and tips!!!!
i have one questions
and is
how to win runway gift-o-meter????

Ozzieworld said...

Happy Birthday!!! (See? I put 3 exclamation marks ;])

I love EVERYTHING about this AMAZING blog!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!! Thank you for such a good and helpful site it has helped me get lots of things on stardoll that I would have never found my self! :)


patush11 said...

I remember the first time I saw this amazing blog...It was about 2 years ago... and I've got an impression that this blog is really creative, stylish, active and cool...
And actually I couldn't imagine that I would ever become a writer of this amazing blog... But nevertheless I became a writes! And guess what? I'm proud of being a writer here and I would never want to leave this blog even for a blog with 3000 followers like HTF and others... This blog is like a family. I am always able to know all the latest news and tips thanks to the wonderful writing team!
And I can express my feeling and emotions right here on the blog.
And the best purt of this blog is the readers for whom we are writing! We are doing it all just for you! And trust me it's giving us a lot of pleasure!!!
Happy birthday Stardoll news& tips blog!! We all love you!!

Hadil/hadilinohadil said...

Happy Birthday Stardoll News and Tips!! Wish you all the best and I wish that you will have so many good writers and many followers and I hope your blog will be useful as it is today!!

circca10 said...
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circca10 said...
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circca10 said...

The first time I saw this blog, I soon had a fantastic impression. I had seen many blogs, but when I saw this I was astonished. I loved the style, the way things were organized, the writers were (and are) fantastic. So I decided to start coming aHappy Birthday Stardoll News & Tips! I'm with you only for about a year, but still, I love you like I've known you for 10 years. The first team I saw this blog, I soon Had a fantastic impression. I had seen many blogs, but when i saw this I was astonished. I loved the style, the way things Were organized, Were the writers (and are) fantastic. So I Decided to start coming to the blog Every Day. Now, I became a writer and learned so much! We are here as a family, both writers and fans! Congratulations!

Joanna said...

I am SO happy that this blog has made it this long! This blog is so helpful.. with such kind, and honest writers. Happy Birthday Stardoll News & Tips. I hope you're here for the long run. Here's to (hopefully) another 3 years of this blog! <3

Ray-Ray said...

WOW! Three years already is amazing! It feels like just yesterday I found this blog for the first time :) I know I can always count on this blog for all the hot news on stardoll ;)

Because it has been 3 years, i decided to write you guys a poem. (btw. i am not a poet, so this WILL suck :P)

Oh Stardoll News and Tips
I love this blog more than chips.
I can always count on you guys,
to give me the best advice.

Now that you are three,
I think I have to pee.
So I will check back later,
And see whats new in the stardoll scene

Hope you like it and Happy 3rd


Anonymous said...

hi happy 3 years birthday!!! :)i just wanted to say i appreciate your work soooo much and it is an amazing blog and everyone is sooo friendly and without this blog i would have hardly anything in my suite and closet and thank u soo much for alll ur hard work

lots of love
horsecrazy987 xxxx