Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Well , it's not really abut stardoll , but it's good ,too! ^_^

Heyyy!! xD
I know , this is not really about stardoll ,but I think it's an absolutely lovely song.
Just hear it!
Keri Hilson- Lose Control ft. Nelly

Tell me what you think!
I love it! <3

Bye for now!


bracken1234 said...

OMG! It's An AMAZING song :)

~ bracken1234

anni11995 said...

It's very it!!!

patush11 said...

I like it :) And the video is really original

nefeli said...

i like her clothes and of course the song!!!

Daryp said...

love it

sweetkoniBaby5 said... is a very nC song love it...!!!<3

Sandra said...

Heheh I'm glad you like it!!:D