Thursday, February 16, 2012

Super Bowl Couture? What?

Hello beautiful members!
Well , as I was looking for new clothes in Starplaza I saw this:

It is called Super Bowl Couture as you can see , but I found no official stardoll shop which is called like that!
Maybe it is a new hidden shop for another country!

Most of the clothes are cool. I love the black shiny boots and the head decorations!!
I think it is cheap. There are also many clothes in starcoins!

I hope that stardoll will release a shop!

If anyone knows anything please leave a kind comment .
Thank you.

Bye for now!


Indigo26 said...

I can see it too from my country....Whats weird is if you pick up the middle mannequins head piece (the gold one) It says its from Super Supreme.... Maybe theres going to be some sort of Super Supreme clothing store? ;)


ani11995 said...

Isn't this great anyway? :P

anni11995 said...

Isn't that great anyway? :P

Kohav Bibi said...

OMG There is a RARE DREGON DRESS in starplazza!!!!!!!!!! go buy it before stardoll will delete it!!!!!!!!!

sweetkoniBaby5 said...

oooo there are great way anyway...

Daryp said...

I don't really like them