Friday, February 17, 2012

Cute looks and more!

Well i haven't posted in a while so i thought i might just tell about some cute looks i made :)

I can't take screen shots on this computer so i am just going to tell the items included and the ending price

Evil Panda-Hotbuys leopard cape- 18 stardollars
Killah-Killah pattern dress- 30 stardollars
Killah-Golden Gladiator Sandals- 7 stardollars
Killah-Killah lime bow- 4 stardollars

Total: 59 stardollars

It's  a little pricey but it is worth it if you like the look!

Archive- Black coat-9 Stardollars
Super bowl couture- Half time show top-5 stardollars
Rio-Pink waist skirt- 5 stardollars
Decades- Silver heel shoes- 56 starcoins
(Connect the skirt and top to make a dress)
Total- 19 stardollars and 56 starcoins

And those are all the looks i have done :)

Anyway so what did you think of the new archive?Honestly i think stardoll is a bit stupid for throwing in hard to find more collector items in and basically making the items value-less! But my favorites are the bisou fish scale top, the over sized grandpa sweater,The dolphine belt,and the rainbow blazer!

Well  bye i shall try to post in the next couple of days again!



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ooo are vary nC styls...!!!

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