Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hello my sweeties! I am sooo excited! Look what Stardoll sent me!

The translation to English:  
London, New York, Milan, Paris: February is definitely the month of Fashion Weeks! Do not miss the chance to celebrate them here on Stardoll! Buy Stardollars 20-26 February and receive a fantastic set last collection inspired by Dolce & Gabbana. The fashion world is waiting for you - grab your new set and attracts the spotlight!

I don't really like the Dolce Gabbana dress but I like the shoes, the earrings and the bag. I already buy this! 
Sooo... What do you think? Plz comment!



Kohav Bibi said...

Can you sell me dress? ;P kidding... i really love the dress and the offer is great!

circca10 said...

Yhea... By now I can't sell you the dress. But in a few months I can sell you if you want :P

anni11995 said...


patush11 said...

It's really cute :P I love it!

nefeli said...

nice clothes!!

Daryp said...

I have them too but I don't really like them

sweetkoniBaby5 said...