Saturday, February 25, 2012

More museum mile! :)

I am so sorry for not posting in forever but i have been having family and school troubles lately so i haven't had time to get on stardoll or the blog!

Anyways how did you all like all this new museum mile?:)

I loved most of it,Though i am a little mad the last collection of items are just little cheap statues now! I thought those would be rare one day yet stardoll just goes and makes them cheap >:( I spent a lot on the last collection of those statues!
But i am glad nothing is limited now it's just a  little expensive :)

I'd have to say my favorite theme of the new collection is defiantly the polka dots! I also like the  lion face and the broken ground to go under it,The caution banana,the fallen statue,and the calder mobile!

I am totally going to buy most of this stuff when i have the stardollars!

What did you think about this new collection?

-Haley ;p


anni11995 said...

Everything is amazing!!!

Daryp said...

I love it...

sweetkoniBaby5 said...

love it...!!!:D