Friday, February 24, 2012

March Hot Buys!

Hello my sweeties! Today I found the March Hot Buys!

Hot Buys Fanny Pack: In shop 2 March - Fallen Angel
 Hot Buys Top: In shop 5 March - Fudge 
Hot Buys Dress: In shop 8 March - Pretty in Love
 Hot Buys Boots: In shop 10 March - Bonjour Bizou
 Hot Buys Striped Dress: In shop 11 March - Stardoll
 Hot Buys Ruffle Skirt: In shop 13 March - Fallen Angel
 Hot Buys Paint Jeans: In shop 16 March - Fudge 
Hot Buys Collar Blous: In shop 19 March - Decades
 Hot Buys Pleather Jacket: In shop 22 March - RIO 
Hot Buys Skull Necklace: In shop 28 March - Glam'rus
I really like some of the Hot Buys of this month :) What do you think?



anni11995 said...


Anonymous said...

fanny pack lol

Daryp said...

I don't really like them

sweetkoniBaby5 said...