Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Makeovers and more!

Hey i am so sorry that i have not posted in forever but now i will! I have been working on a bunch of makeover sheets and such so now they are done! i may also be doing some reviews and such on this post like writing about the most creative dolls and things.

First here are the clothes makeovers and makeup makeovers!!

And next are the suite makeovers!

Now here are some of my favorite pieces of clothing that works for anything on stardoll!
The pairs of shorts look good with most any shirt you put them with,The Jeans look good with every outifit,The shirt looks good for a more basic look,The front wig is good with hats,and the Jacket looks better with dresses and such!

Next is some of the people that i know on stardoll with some of the most unique dolls:

First is Hellokitty3221:

I love her look cause of how beautiful her hair and makeup looks! I love the wig the most though cause i have not seen much like it anywhere! Though her makeup looks quite a bit like swizzfizz101's i still like it! (I would put here in this specific reviews but i already have in another post :) )

Next is Smileyfacehappy
I love her face the most cause it's cute and creative! Her suite is random and scattered but hey that is my favorite kind of suite!

Lastly is Evil_angel4101
I absolutely love her hair and makeup,Though the hair is a little of an old style i still like it a lot! 

In a few hours i might post about best suites and designs a long with how to design some wigs so keep watching for that!



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