Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm superstar again :))

Hello ladies :)
I have grat news :) I'm superstar again....
And the greatest thing about it... ist that it is really really cheap! :o
I mean that a superstar membership for one month coast in my country 12 uh... what is about 1.4 dollars.... and this is actually really cheap
Just compare:
Usually it coast 35 uh
and now... 12 uh...
Just make sure to chack if it's so in your country!!

It's a great offer!!!


circca10 said...

That's awesome sweetie! Congratulations :) BTW: In my country, the price is the same :( but thats ok :)

anni11995 said...


sweetkoniBaby5 said...

That's awesome sweetie! Congratulations :)

Daryp said...

congrats gorgeous