Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Im out For a Vacation

Im Going Out on Vacation Tomorrow Which is
Thursday 9/2/2012 At 11Pm Qatar Time
You Might Be Wondering Where ill Go?!
Ill Go To Hong Kong
ill Try To Find There Some Stardoll Superstars Cards
So We Can have More Contest,I Will Also Not Be Able To Change
The Medoll of The Week Until i Come Back..
~I Love You Guys ill Miss You So Much~



Daryp said...

OH...Mandy...That is awesome...Have a great time....XOXO

Mandy said...

Thank You :)

Kohav Bibi said...

Have a great time :D

BrunoGomes said...
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circca10 said...

Have a great time out there honey :D

Mandy said...

Thank You So Much :D

anni11995 said...

Wow...That's sooo cool! I wish u the best!!!

sweetkoniBaby5 said...

woooo that is very sweet.....i wish you the best