Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hello guys
Today I'm gonna make a contest
I'll give u a picture of a girl
U will draw her and send the picture you made at my e-mail
Here is the picture:
I'm waiting for your draws!

Bye ;)


circca10 said...

Awesome! I'm gonna send you mine :D

bracken1234 said...

I Will Enter... When is the final Date to send them in? It may take me a few days.

Aderfoula....2 said...

The date will be 25 of February =]

nefeli said...

i can't do it is very hard.It seems that to me

Anonymous said...

Do we put are username on it and whats the prize going to be the for the winner?

Ray-Ray said...

i will enter but please wait until I finish :) my username is unthinkable4 XD

circca10 said...

I already send you mine :)

sweetkoniBaby5 said...

this picture is cute...!!!