Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Best designs,Suites and more!

First i am going to start with the best designs i have found! :)
First is Animehero with her wigs and other little designs!

There is some of her best designs :) She also makes cat ears but i couldn't find them in her beauty parlor! :( 

Next is :D

She makes a lot of cute Angry birds designs and such along with cool wigs :)

And lastly is jc_ba and jc_ba.2

I couldn't get any pictures cause both of his accounts are sold out of most of his designs but please go check him out still!

Next i am going to do best suites!

Today i am going to do vikkiVICIOUS. I know most everyone on stardoll thinks she has the best suite but here is my favorite rooms of hers!

I will do design and other tutorials and stuff tomorrow!


circca10 said...

Amazing post. Thank you :D

bracken1234 said...

I Love them :)

~ bracken1234

a8inou said...


nefeli said...

i like the jewerlys and the rooms!!

anni11995 said...

Love it! :)

sweetkoniBaby5 said...

love it are just amazing...!!!=)