Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some awesome designers :)

Firstly i wanted to let you all know i am very sorry for not posting in most likely a week or so now! I have had a lot of school work to do and i was helping my little sister out on getting ready for her pageant today :( But anywho i am going to list some of my favorite designers :)

First Vikaka1995
From what i have seen thus far she makes amazing ipods,ipads,heaphones,chains,and wigs!
The ipods and such are a bit expensive but i can see how they would be 30 and 40 stardollars with all the time spent on them.

Next is Avngd.Svnfld
Yes,She is one of my friends but i am not giving her a review just for that reason :)

She is my absolute favorite designer,She makes tons of amazing wigs,Hats,and much more in tons of different styles!

And then KaiLeY.GuRl
She doesn't design much,But i love how she used her originality to be the first to design ring pops here on stardoll that i know of!

An last but not least,My most favorite of all
I came across her page just today and i decided to see what kinds of designs she had. Well when i looked i was shocked i saw these absolutely amazing hats she makes! She makes Nyan cat,Mario,Angry Birds,Pikachu,and Lamb hats! I love her designs the very most so far and i am planning on when i have enough stardollars to buy one of every kind of hat she sells! xD

Please go check these people out if you love to buy designs or just to look and spread the word! :D

(To mandy,I hope it's okay that i just did a review rather than something else,i can't take screen shots on my new computer so i can't do makeovers and such D:)



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Cool! Thanx! The designers are awesome!

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Wow, all of them are awesome!

anni11995 said...

i agree...they are amazing!!! :)

circca10 said...

I can Ipads to. If you want one just order and spread the word :)

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