Friday, January 6, 2012

The Polls Results

Do You Remember i Made 3 Polls to improve The Blog?
Well Today ill Tell You The Results:


1/ Do You Want To Become a Writer?
Well Then ill Make a Writer Contest as Soon As Possible :)
(Others Were Mostly Maybe)

2/ Should We Change The Look of The Blog?
ill Try My Best to Change the Look,But i Dont Know How
To Make Graphics Like Famous Blogs :(
(If You Know Tell Me)

3/ What Kind of Contests Would You Like To See?
Wow i Have To Say i Liked Others More Than My Options,Here Some:
1/ The Best Stardoll Suite
2/ Twilight : Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Dress up
3/ Best Hair Design
4/ Best Something Made in Star jewellery
(Tell Me Which Contest Should we Make Next)
Thanks For Helping The Blog
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Kohav said...

I think i can make the banner if u want ;)

anni11995 said...

I liked the ideas but u have to do the competition in the way that all the members ss or non-ss can participate!

circca10 said...

You could make a contest like: The best seasonal suite

anni11995 said...

An idea:Why don't we make a contest for the best jwelery idea? I love it...or we can do a contest for the best outfit of the day...What do u think? :)

Anonymous said...

yeah..something like the best wig or best outfit of the day or best scenery..:Dgood ideas
my username is l0lly_p0p.miley (on stardoll):)

Pigehdesigner said...

Best Jewelry Design for sure!