Thursday, January 19, 2012

Makeovers and more :)

Hey everyone! First i would like to post about this SOPA thing then i will start on the room makeovers.

So anyway congress is trying to pass this law to censor the internet and stuff,I don't know all the info but please sign petitions and stuff  and more eto go against it,We could even loose stardoll cause of this stupid law (If you want some actually info on what it is,google it)

Anyway i am going to be showing some stardoll realated pictures that i had sitting around in my pictures :)

This one is easy,all you need is pink blush or any other color,along with some eyeshadow 
(I suggest brown on blue eyes and white and such on brown)
,The liquid eyeliner,any color of eye pencil,and two snowflakes. 
It should end up looking somewhat like this.

Next is a simple non-ss/starcoins  room look
Yes,this costs around 500 starcoins 
but if you like the room and you have spare starcoins it's worth it :)
Anyway i might post more makeovers later,But that's all for now :) 


anni11995 said...

I like them very much...! :D

artico5 said...


c; Haley said...

Thanks ;DD

circca10 said...

The makeover is cool. And the room for non ss is really pretty cool :)

Daryp said...